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Mandalay And Hospitality
Mandalay And Hospitality

Hospitality to any visitor or guest is a Myanmar Tradition. Without expecting any presents or cash in return for their hospitality, they are only proud of being able to host the guests. This is not just Myanmar custom anymore, now, it becomes the custom of Asia.Myanmar people take concern for any visitors who have no acquaintances or relatives to stay for the night. So, they have built the Zayats, the rest house, for any visitor to stay. A Zayat is a kind of hotel in Myanmar style, where anyone can stay or take a rest for free charges.

Geographically, Mandalay lies at the center of Myanmar. Visiting Myanmar on business or just for pleasure, Mandalay and its surroundings are the most interesting sites. King Mindon may have selected Mandalay as his capital for it’s flat and vast land for beautiful surroundings.There are many beautiful scenarios and cultural edifices around Mandalay. By staying Mandalay, we can visit to many tranquil and quiet places.Mandalay is also located as the central city for commerce and tours. It is reasonable to think that the kind had chosen this place for his capital of this fact.


Thudhamma Zayats at the footage of Mandalay Hill are the most notable Zayats.When King Mindon first laid foundation for building Mandalay Yadanabon, the Royal City, The Thudhamma Zayats are included together with Royal city, Moat, Kuthodaw (known as world biggest book and UNESCO Heritage Site), the Congregation Hall, the Incomparable Monastery( Ah-Tu-Mashi) and Pitakataik (Library). This shows how much Myanmar People care about well-being of their guests.Zayat for visitors are available in almost all the villages of Myanmar. Any Visitors are welcome to stay in any monastery if they prefer.

There’s a Myanamar saying that goes,”People only like to pay visit to sweet homes”. Myanmar people take pride when they are called on by visitors. They are proud of being sweet home which people like to visit.Mandalay has market for various kinds of crops, timber, metals and gems from every party of Upper Myanmar, Mandalay also serves as main tracking place for border trade with China, India and Thailand.Many people come to Mandalay for recreation, for improving their knowledge and for seeking connections with new markets.

As the time changes, the hotels, motels and inns develops to keep up with the modern times. As Myanmar People like to give accommodation for visitors, anyone will receive cordial hospitality from his host whichever hotel or guesthouse he stay in. Along with the development in business, the hotels and guesthouses came to have various standards. A traveler can choose whatever he likes but the hospitality will be the same, in spite of difference in rent and standard. Because of Mandalay’s friendliness, the visitors will feel more at home.

Always proud of born in Mandalay!

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