No.417, corner of 63 rd & 22nd Road Mandalay Aung Myae Tha Zan Township
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Life Styles of Local People in Villages

The majority of married women in the villages rely on production of handmade works. The women in Myintlaung Village near Myitnge Town, Amarapura Township, Mandalay Region raise their income by weaving a wide range of plastic baskets. Knowing from one of the baskets makers said that this is a home-based job opportunity for them. They buy raw materials from the plastic factory in Industrial Zone 1 in the region, paying Ks 1,200 per Kilo. They woven baskets for their survival and this is a family business in the region. Most married women working from home. There is a regular demand for the handmade woven plastic baskets, which are available in different sizes, designs and colors. They have mostly been sent to Shwebo, Myitkyina and Mandalay markets. The wholesale price for a basket is Ks 1,500. In the retail market, the price rose to Ks 2,000 from Ks 3,000. A local basket maker receive wages of Ks 500-Ks 600 per basket based on size. Handmade baskets are one of the popular accessories of people for shopping groceries, flowers and meats at local markets and are boost income in Mandalay.

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Tourism in Mandalay sees increase in arrivals in early peak season

With the introducing of new Mandalay-Bangkok-Yangon and Mandalay-Hong Kong flights at Mandalay International Airport, the number of international visitors to the country has significantly increased in early peak season. According to the directorate of hotels and tourism, Mandalay hosted 203,145 foreign travelers between January and August. This time last year, a total of 194,520 tourists entered the region. The majority of visitors are from China, Thailand, India, Singapore and Viet Nam. Citizens of Japan, Austria, New Zealand, Britain and the US also visited the region through border points of entry. They trips to Bagan-Nyaung U, Buddhist archaeological site, Mandalay Cultural Zone, the Ava ancient city continue all year round. A scenic hill town PyinOoLwin is one of attractions in Mandalay and it is always crowded with visitors at home and abroad. The directorate of hotels and tourism estimates that tourists arrivals in Mandalay is likely to increase than that of previous year. Source—Global New Light of Myanmar ,Maung Pyi Thu (Mandalay) Photo-Supplied

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Myanmar Star tortoises are found in arid regions of Myanmar

Continuous research on star tortoises conducts in Shwesettaw Wildlife Sanctuary Research programme has been continued by the Forest Department, Wildlife Conservation Society’s Myanmar Program and Turtle Survival Alliance in Shwesettaw Wildlife Sanctuary, observing natural characters of star tortoises and their health. Situated in Minbu Township, Magway Region, a total of 150 star tortoises (Geochelone Platynota), a critically endangered species, are naturally living in the sanctuary, according to a report of the Myawady Daily issued on Sunday. All of the total numbers, small radio transmitters have been installed on the back of 42 turtle’s upper shell to provide information for follow-up healthcare to those land-dwelling reptiles in the sanctuary. Altogether 50 tortoises have been placed in each 2.5-acre wide plot. Recording, mapping and calculation have been conducted by research team thrice a month. The rare species is native to the dry and deciduous forests in the country. It can be found in Mandalay, Sagaing and Magway regions. This kind of tortoise normally eats grass, weeds, leaves, flowers and other fibrous plants as well as earthworms and snails. The tortoises normally lay eggs up to four times a year. There are three protected areas for star tortoises in the country: Lawkananda Wildlife […]

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Charity Group of Hotel by the Red Canal,Mandalay Served at Kuthodaw Pagoda

The World’s Largest Book The Kuthodaw Pagoda or Maha Lawka Marazein Paya is located at the base of the southeast stairways to Mandalay Hill and was built by King Mindon at the same time he was constructing the Royal Palace. Its central stupa is modeled on the Shwezigon at Nyaung U near Bagan. The Charity Group of the Hotel by the Red Canal, Mandalay painted the campus of the Kuthodaw Pagoda, known as World’s Largest Book Heritage site on 11.11.2016.They announced at the Hotel social media page that anyone who wishes to join them in helping preserve one of the most important monuments in Mandalay. The stupa itself, connected to the outside entry by means of a long corridor, is set in the middle of a thirteen acre field of 729 pitaka pagodas or shrines (Dama Cetis). Each shrine contains a marble slab, inscribed on both sides with the Pali script text of a portion the Tipitaka (Pali spelling, or Tripitaka, in Sanskrit), Theravada Buddhism’s sacred texts. Taken together, they contain the entire text of the Tipitaka and thus form “the world’s largest book.” The slabs were carved from white Sagyin Hill marble found just a few miles north of […]

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Hotel by the Red Canal Charity Group served at “Sandamuni Pagoda”,Mandalay

The charity group of the Hotel by the Red Canal, Mandalay performed cleaning of the campus of the Sandamuni Pagoda on 29.09.2016 at 3:00pm. This group wishes to help preservation of the most important monuments and historical heritage sites in Mandalay! The Sanda Muni Buddha Image is situated to the South-East of the Mandalay Hill.It was commissioned by King Mindon Min in 1874 as a memorial to Mindon Min’s younger brother, Kanaung Mintha, who was assassinated along with 3 princes, Malun, Saku, and Maingpyin, during the 1866 Myingun Prince rebellion. This pagoda contains the graves of the Kanaung, Sagu Mintha, Malun and Maingpyin Princes. It also contains an iron image of the Buddha cast by Bodawpaya in 1802, and removed from Amarapura by Mindon in 1874.The statue reportedly weighs 40,924.8 pounds (18,563.2 kg).

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