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Traveling to Cuba to Discover its Cultural and Historical Treasures
Traveling to Cuba to Discover its Cultural and Historical Treasures

Original Writer- Hugo Garnier (French Langauage)
Translated by May Malar Win

Because of the American embargo on Cuba a few years ago, this country in the Caribbean was like frozen in time. The latter thus possesses a truly exceptional cultural and historical heritage while being very well preserved. If you are planning a trip to Cuba, this destination is full of real cultural and historical treasures that are to be discovered absolutely. So, during your stay, do not miss Havana and its historical center, the picturesque town of Trinidad with its colonial buildings, but also the small town of Viñales and its splendid valley.

Walk the Historic District of Havana

The Cuban capital, Havana, is a must for a tailor-made trip to Cuba to discover part of the rich cultural and historical heritage of this country. Indeed, the historical quarter of this city is not to be missed under any pretext, notably the famous Habana Vieja which is inscribed by UNESCO on the list of world heritage of the humanity. In fact, take a tour of this area aboard the old American cars that are now an integral part of the cultural and historical heritage of Cuba. As you stroll the Habana Vieja, you will have the opportunity to find several remarkable Cuban historical monuments. If you pass by the famous seafront, Malecón, it is very likely to meet street musicians who play authentic Cuban music.

Visit the city of Trinidad

The city of Trinidad is a must-see destination during your stay in Cuba for the exceptional richness of its cultural and historical heritage. Indeed, this Cuban city is renowned for the impressive number of colonial buildings it houses. This is one of the reasons why UNESCO has listed Trinidad as a World Heritage Site. During your visit to this picturesque town, it is difficult not to notice its authentic cobbled streets as well as these colonial houses. The visitors often feel as if they have made a leap in the past, as the authentic decor is very well preserved, which is the charm of Trinidad. Especially when you pass through the main square of the city, the Plaza Mayor, around which several buildings are really worth a look.

Explore the city of Viñales and its surroundings

Viñales is a small Cuban town belonging to the province of Pinar del Río. It is an essential step in Cuba if you want to discover both the cultural richness of the country, but also natural. Indeed, from this city you can explore the region for the famous Viñales valley which is famous for its exceptional karst formations. Moreover, this spectacular valley is inscribed on the World Heritage List by UNESCO. In addition, the latter is also famous for its fertility, especially in the cultivation of tobacco, in order to produce the famous Cuban cigars that make Cuba’s reputation worldwide. By exploring Viñales and its surroundings, you will have the opportunity to go through tobacco plantations that you could also visit during a hike. Thus, it is a very good opportunity to seize that will allow you to make cultural exchanges directly with the Cuban producers on their tobacco fields.

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