No.417, corner of 63 rd & 22nd Road Mandalay Aung Myae Tha Zan Township
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Charity Group of Hotel by the Red Canal,Mandalay Served at Kuthodaw Pagoda
Charity Group of Hotel by the Red Canal,Mandalay Served at Kuthodaw Pagoda

The World’s Largest Book The Kuthodaw Pagoda or Maha Lawka Marazein Paya is located at the base of the southeast stairways to Mandalay Hill and was built by King Mindon at the same time he was constructing the Royal Palace. Its central stupa is modeled on the Shwezigon at Nyaung U near Bagan.

The Charity Group of the Hotel by the Red Canal, Mandalay painted the campus of the Kuthodaw Pagoda, known as World’s Largest Book Heritage site on 11.11.2016.They announced at the Hotel social media page that anyone who wishes to join them in helping preserve one of the most important monuments in Mandalay.


The stupa itself, connected to the outside entry by means of a long corridor, is set in the middle of a thirteen acre field of 729 pitaka pagodas or shrines (Dama Cetis). Each shrine contains a marble slab, inscribed on both sides with the Pali script text of a portion the Tipitaka (Pali spelling, or Tripitaka, in Sanskrit), Theravada Buddhism’s sacred texts. Taken together, they contain the entire text of the Tipitaka and thus form “the world’s largest book.”


The slabs were carved from white Sagyin Hill marble found just a few miles north of Mandalay. The work of carving began in October 1860 and was carried out in a special hall within King Mindon’s Royal Palace. Each slab is 5 ft ((1.5 m) by 3.5 ft (1.1 m) wide and 5-6 in. (12.7 – 15 cm) thick. The Buddhist scholar/carvers completed their task in May 1869. If spread out horizontally, the slabs would cover a third of an acre (.1 ha); stacked vertically, the ‘pages’ would rise 340 ft (103 m).


The charity group of Hotel by the Red Canal would like to preserve the Heritage and Historical attraction places in Mandalay and they would like to sustain of Myanmar Culture.

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